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Upgrade Your Home Networking

Find Yourself Working from Home? Here’s How to Strengthen Your Network.

Upgrade Your Home Networking

Now that you’re potentially working full-time from your Oklahoma City, OK home, you’ll want to eliminate as many obstacles as you can so that you don’t feel a significant disruption in your workday. But if your internet is unreliable, you’ll be left with buffering symbols and glitchy video quality for conference calls.

Don’t let remote work keep you from actually working! It’s the best time to invest in a professional home networking installation from our team at Bravas (formerly Audio Dimensions).

In this blog, we’ll dive into what a home network setup can do for your daily lifestyle, and how beneficial it’ll be to help you keep up your work ethic. Want to find out more? Keep reading below.

TAGS: Home Network | Network Upgrade | Smart Home Network

Network Blues: Is Your Wi-Fi Making Life Harder?

If there were ever a time we needed our home networking to work better, it would be now. If you were to do a quick google search on “best router,” you probably wonder where to start when you get 124 million results. The issue isn’t the answer (like 42), but are we asking the right questions? In this blog, I want to try and ask the right questions and give homeowners a place to look for the correct answers.

Top 3 Essentials for Your Smart Surveillance System

Maintain Peace of Mind by Keeping an Eye on Your Property at All Times

Top 3 Essentials for Your Smart Surveillance System

The here and now is always the best time to consider smart home security for your Little Rock, AR property. And the best solution to start your system with is smart surveillance. Keeping your family and home safe and secure is a top priority for you, always – so a top-notch surveillance setup is key to maintaining your peace of mind.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the top three features we recommend for your setup, and why they are necessary for any surveillance system.

TAGS: Smart Security | Surveillance Cameras

Why Lighting Design? Part One

When humans first populated the earth, the largest influence on their lives was the sun. It determined when they woke and when the slept, when they hunted and when they hid. Even after the discovery of fire, the physical toll of maintaining an open flame limited its functionality as a light source. Even tallow candles, popular in the 14th century, were so expensive that only the most affluent members of society could enjoy more than a few minutes of light per day.

Up to the 19th century it was still prohibitively expensive for the majority of people. In 1816 Baltimore became the first city in America to light its streets with gas distributed through a system of pipelines. This technology proved so beneficial that it was found in almost every city by 1850. And just like that, we owned the night.

This is part one of a three-part series covering how we can control light to improve our lives. In the first part we will cover lighting design, and how it impacts our ability to enjoy and use our space.